Toshiki Okada / Chelfitsch [Tokio]

Five Days in March

Five Days in March
Five Days in March

16.05 – 20.05.2007

Young people in Tokyo

On 21 March 2003, on the eve of the American and British offensive in Iraq, Japan rejoined the ranks of the armed forces for the first time since 1945. It is against this historical backdrop that the characters in Five Days in March tell their own small stories of the everyday life of Tokyo adolescents. The colloquial language spoken by these young people in Tokyo is real enough but seems to betray behaviour that is no longer anything like them. There is a constant dislocation between the words and the bodies – like a precariously balanced reality. Somewhere between the natural and the made-up, Toshiki Okada’s singular theatre grippingly sketches out traits of a disoriented generation through stereotypes of isolated young people.

mise en scène Toshiki Okada
avec Rukino Yamazaki, Taichi Yamagata, Hiromasa Shimonishi, Syoko Matsumura, Eiji Takigawa, Nanboku Tohmiya, Souichi Murakami
stage manager So Ozaki
lumière Tomomi Ohira
son Norimasa Ushikawa
manager Akane Nakamura
présentation Kaaitheater & Kunstenfestivaldesarts
remerciements à Yasuo Ozawa, Hiromi Maruoka, ST spot, Super Deluxe
avec le soutien de la Japan Foundation (Paris)