09.12 – 10.12.2022

"Gathering around
An encounter in space-time.
Creating our own rites
Immersed, towards a change, a transition 
Like a Passage 

Rebuilding an ecosystem, getting together, crossing the night.

A space-time where we share our ceremonies.
Need for comfort, need for contact, need for protection, 
Looking for ways to care for our energies and vulnerabilities
Being our own fetishes."

FATSABBATS is a self-managed, polymorphous, and safer space, created by and for the Queer and Racialised communities and their allies in Brussels. It showcases the know-how of these communities through concerts, performances, exhibitions, and memorable sweaty parties. Now nomadic, Fatsabbats is taking over the Kaaistudio's for two days and two nights.





17:00 > 22:00 Gathering around FATSOUL, with a care & bookzone, a conversation & a performance
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17:00 > 22:00 CARE & BOOKZONE

18:00 > 21:30 FOOD

19:00 CONVERSATION by Marie-Fidèle Dusingize
 salon | 1H | for everyone
What if our love encounters could also be the place for racial realities? Through a social experience on Tinder, lecturer and sociologist Marie-Fidèle Dusingize proposes an sociological analysis of the way the colonial perceptions of black bodies are actived again today in our racial construction of gender.

20:30 PERFROMANCE by Brandon Gercara
salon | 15 MIN | for everyone
In his Lip Sync, a performance in which he mimics words, without saying them out loud, researcher and artist Brandon Gercara activates discourses of researchers who work on the intersection of feminist, queer and post-colonial studies.

22:00 > 10:00 COCON
Entire building | 12H | for queer & racialised persons only
! Reserveration required: mail to fatlisting@gmail.com (max 30 pers.)

"Let’s take the time to meet, to share our practices and questions a whole night long. Let’s try to create a community, to connect, to taka care. We have 12 hours together inside the walls of an institution. We’ll eat, talk, play, laugh, write, prey, sing, cry, rest… Fatsabbats creates the setting, the rest is up to you to invent."

With a yoga session: In this capitalist system that feeds itself with broken bodies, how do we work out health practices to support us in social struggle? How can we feel good, when our bodies are discriminated? Capucine Légelle, journalist and activist, offers a restorative yoga lab to reclaim ourself, to honour our holy intimity, to transcend our traumatic experiences, in order to (re)construct and embody with strength the figure that pleases us, in a peaceful way.



15:00 > 21:00 CARE & BOOKZONE

15:00 WORKSHOP Auto-gynaecology, by Clée (Ratonrêveur)
dance studio |  2H30 | For anyone who has ever had or is likely to have gynaecological examinations.
! Reservation required: mail to fatlisting@gmail.com (max 10 pers.)

Clée is doula and teacher in symptothermia. She proposes a feminist workshop to (re)discover your body in a welcoming setting, to deepen your gynaecological knowledge and appropriate gynaecological exams in a different way so to be more sure of yourself.

16:00 WORKSHOP Spells & potions by Emma Nix (GET OFF MY BROOM)
salon | 2H | for everyone
! Reservation required: mail to fatlisting@gmail.com (max 10 pers.)

Emma Nix, who founded the Magickal apothecary @getoffmybroom and the soon to come Moontime workshops, will teach you an easy but good-working spell for protection and abandonment. Emma wants to take back herbalism to its spiritual roots. This workshop is a teaser of a future series of classes around the creation of spells and potions.

17:00 WORKSHOP Voice by Makeda Monnet 
theatre hall | 2H | for racialized persons only
! Reservation required: mail to fatlisting@gmail.com (max 15 pers.)

Opera singer Makeda Monnet invites you to explore your voice through breath work. She tries to let you invoke your totem animal, formulate your affirmations and form a choir.

18:00 WORKSHOP KRUMP by Israël Ngashi aka WILD
dance studio | 2H | for afro-descendant persons only 
! Reservation required: mail to fatlisting@gmail.com (max 20 pers.)

Israël Ngashi a.k.a. Wild gives an initiation in KRUMP practice. KRUMP stands for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise.

18:00 > 21:30 FOOD

19:30 CONVERSATION with Olave Nduwanje
salon | 2H | for everyone

Trans-feminism and femininity: Olave Nduwanje invites the audience for a group conversation on the opportunities and challenges through a trans-feminist perspective. Join the conversation and help us de- and reconstruct the masculinization of queer esthetics, the solidarity and alliance between women and femmes and gender and anti-racism.

22:00 > 04:00 TOTEMIC PARTY
theatre hall | for everyone
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“we have been represented, fetishized with bare breasts, exotised and wild. This time our boobs will be TOTEMIC! Get your finest ornaments, your transparent clothes, your harnasses…”

With 3 love DJs + suprises 


* no nipple dictatorship, no obligations
* disrespectful behavior is not accepted