Emio Greco | PC [Amsterdam]

Extra Dry

Extra Dry
Extra Dry


The collaboration between the Italian choreographer and dancer Emio Greco and the Dutch choreographer and dramatist Pieter C. Scholten started in 1995. Their first exploit was the trilogy Fra Cervello e Movimento (Between brain and movement) for which they immediately received international recognition. The third part, Extra Dry, had its world premiere at the Kaaitheater on 31st March 1999.

Greco and Scholten are both fascinated by the body and its ‘inner motives’, and by the friction between reason and the body. Greco says, ‘It is precisely the frictions that are created when the mind and body are confronted with one another that make it possible to move.’ Greco is a master dancer who displays a rare physical alertness. Every muscle, tendon and fibre in his body dances. His performances balance on the boundary between pure dance and dance theatre.

The titles of the three parts, Bianco (1996), Rosso (1997) and Extra Dry (1999), refer to the colours that dominate the stage set. Extra Dry – a joke which leads to the trilogy being nicknamed the Martini trilogy – stands for golden yellow. Bianco and Rosso are solos and Extra Dry is a ‘solo for two’.

choreography, direction Emio Greco, Pieter C. Scholten
with Vincent Colomes, Emio Greco, Nicola Monaco
concept light, sound, set Emio Greco, Pieter C. Scholten
light design Henk Danner
costume design Clifford Portier
realisation sound collage Wim Selles
production Emio Greco | PC
co-production Kaaitheater, Tanzwerkstatt (Berlin), Klapstuk Festival (Leuven), Springdance (Utrecht)