Marijs Boulogne & Manah Depauw [Brussels]

Endless Medication

Endless Medication
Endless Medication


In 2002, two young theatre-makers, the Flemish Marijs Boulogne and the French-speaking Manah Depauw, created a performance called Endless Medication. It immediately earned them selection for the 2003 Theatre Festival.

Endless Medication tells the story of Rosa, a girl who cannot cry, who is made pregnant by the JesusChristmachine and will soon be giving birth to God’s grandson from her intestinal tract. The play was made with the ‘shabby’ but inventive resources of ‘fairground theatre’: the way the box of theatrical tricks and codes is handled is childish, lucid and at the same time perverse. As a consequence of its subject – the conception and birth of God’s grandson – in this play the uninhibited naturalness with which the two girls use obscenity and violence leads to a religiously-tinted pornography. However, these two girls are not so much interested in a woman’s breasts and belly as in the pussy and intestines, the shit, menstruation and every other possible bodily fluid.

written, directed & performed by Marijs Boulogne & Manah Depauw
production vzw Buelens Paulina (Brussels), 2002

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