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Een ode aan Fatima Mernissi

Een ode aan Fatima Mernissi
Een ode aan Fatima Mernissi


The Simone de Beauvoir of the Maghreb

On 30 November 2015, the Moroccan sociologist Fatima Mernissi died. As an emancipated feminist and activist, she navigated effortlessly between East and West – always arriving at deep insights into the complex relationship between people, cultures and religions. Her books, among which Beyond the Veil and Islam and Democracy, garnered her worldwide fame and both remain powerful reference works to this day. Both The Guardian and Arabian Business Magazine have hailed her as one of the hundred most influential Arab women in the world. Mernissi offers inspiration, strength, and above all, answers.

Now, together with the Kaaitheater, Yamila Idrissi presents an ode to this great lady. It is no coincidence that this is scheduled for 8 March: International Women’s Day.

introduction Sarah Bracke (VUB & Rhea)
with Chantal Pattyn, Béatrice Delvaux, Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah, Nadia Bouras, Abdelslam El Manzah, Saskia De Coster, Rachida Lamrabet, Yasmina El Messaoudi, Thomas Vanderveken, Nadia Fadil, Celia Ledoux, Rachid Benzine, Yamila Idrissi, Saida Sakali, Sarah Bracke, Anna Luyten (presentation)
music Ghalia Benali

an initiative by Kaaitheater, VUB and Yamila Idrissi. VUB will organize a Chair to honour Fatima Mernissi’s legacy.