Oikos, Etopia & Kaaitheater present

Ecopolis 2015

Ecopolis 2015
Ecopolis 2015


ECOPOLIS is the perfect meeting place for anyone concerned with the transition to a socio-ecological society. The main focus is on inspired and inspiring books and documentaries, and dialogues on ecology, economics and society between writers, scientists and thinkers from civil society.

Since ecological challenges disregard national and language boundaries, ECOPOLIS is diverse, international and interactive.


11:00   DEBATE 1: Green Utopia
If we want to sustain life on earth and keep the planet habitable, rapid and dramatic changes in modern societies are needed. Philosopher Jean-Paul van Bendegem asks historian Philipp Blom (AT), environmental philosopher Marius de Geus (NL) and president of the “Fondation pour l'écologie politique” Catherine Larrère (FR), whether they can imagine an open, green utopia.
13:00   DEBATE 2: Transition Lever: New Money
Our current money system makes people, governments and the planet increasingly indebted. Experts in alternative money systems Leander Bindewald (from NEF, UK), Henk Van Arkel (NL), Anne Snick (BE) and MarekHudon (BE) will discuss initiatives introducing complementary currencies that are democratically controlled.
14:30   DEBATE 3: From Growth Economy to Post-growth Economy
How do we replace current growth economy that exceeds limits of the earth with economics for a finite planet? Join a discussion with economist Federico Demaria (ES), co-author of “De-growth. A vocabulary for a new era”, professor of philosophy Camille Dejardin (FR), columnist Tinneke Beeckman (BE) and Rachida Aziz (BE).
15:45   DEBATE 4: Climate Train Derailed?
If governments once again fail to come up with a legally binding climate change agreement in Paris, a citizens’ agenda for climate should come into force. Natalie  Eggermont (BE) from Climate Express, political scientist Stefan Aykut (FR), Katherine Richardson (DK) from the “Planetary Boundaries Report”, Serge De Gheldere (BE) and Alhadi Agabeldour Adam (Sudan) will share their views.
17:15   KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Alberto Acosta – Buenvivir
Bolivia and Ecuador have included the concept of BuenVivir in their new constitutions. BuenVivir redefines the nation-state promoting a social, cultural and economic model driven by equity, human dignity, and social and environmental justice. Alberto Acosta (EC), former Minister of Energy in Ecuador, explains what the concept means exactly.


ECOPOLIS challenges you too, with a short story competition called ‘Ecofuture’ and the prize for the ‘Best Eco-Book’.

More information and the full programme will soon be appearing at www.ecopolis.be

ECOPOLIS is the international successor to Het Groene Boek.

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