Jan Fabre [BE]

Drugs kept me alive

Drugs kept me alive
Drugs kept me alive


A survivor

Drugs kept me alive is a monologue about a survivor. A man who explores all the escape routes, so he always remains one step ahead of the threatening scythe of death. His speed is his secret weapon, his sense of humour a strong drug and his accomplices have taken their illustrious names from the upperworld: they are ecstasy, speed, cocaine, etc. But the ultimate pleasure, a state that is beyond ecstacy is suddenly within reach when the drugs of the upperworld are mixed with those of the underworld.

In Drugs kept me alive Jan Fabre describes a mortal, a life that is teetering on the edge of death. The closer to death, the more pills, sachets and drinks are needed to undershore this life. This is the condition of the protagonist in this monologue: he has looked death in the face and he has decided that he’s up for a game of poker with the disease in his body.

The monologue was written for Tony Rizzi, a born performer, with whom Fabre has also collaborated on The sound of one hand clapping, Glowing Icons, Da un altra faccia del tempo, Histoire des Larmes and Orgy of Tolerance.

Concept, direction, text Jan Fabre | performer Antony Rizzi | music Dimitri Brusselmans | Costumes Andrea Kraenzlin | Production Troubleyn / Jan Fabre vzw (Antwerpen) | Co‐production Maribor2012 (European cultural capital)