Down Low Up High - Performing the Vernacular

Down Low Up High - Performing the Vernacular
Down Low Up High - Performing the Vernacular

25.02 – 05.03.2011

Argos presents a series of performances and choreographies on video and film that explore notions of movement, space and time within the urban make shift environment of New York City during the early 1970s. The protagonists of these works – from the dancer to the performer, from the camera to the city, from the passerby to the sparse audience – physically appropriate the public terrain of their daily surroundings through their presence as well as actions. 

Down Low Up High presents:  
- Trisha Brown´s iconic choreographies from 1970 (Leaning Duets and Man Walking Down the Side of a Building
- Joan Jonas´ performative exploration of space, movement, and sound in her video Songdelay (1973) 
- Babette Mangolte´s film Calico Mingling on a choreography by Lucinda Childs (1973) 
- Bob Parent´s film Transformations on a SoHo Street with a performance by Ruth Heller Coron (1973) 
- Elaine Summer´s Two Girls Downtown Iowa (1973) 
- James Nares’ minimalist and physically experimental video performance Roof (1975). 
In the same period, ARGOS is presenting large scaled exhibitions by Hans Op de Beeck and Shelly Silver. 
>> EXTRA: Paul Willemsen, artistic director of Argos, will give an Illustrated conference on the Argos video programme at the Kaaistudio’s on 2/03 at 19:00. Free entrance.