artificial horizon / Milli Bitterli [Vienna]

Dissipating I

Dissipating I
Dissipating I

16.06 – 17.06.2006

Milli Bitterli, who performed in Meg Stuart’s Appetite, examines the relationship between movement and emotion. Bitterli: ‘Does a choreography of the emotions exist? Behind every attitude my body adopts lies an emotion that powers me like an engine. Every movement is linked to a particular feeling, an experience, which in its turn influences the execution of the movement.’

Dissipating I is a joyful and ecstatic dance performance full of infectious dance pleasure.

concept Milli Bitterli
entraîneur Jack Hauser
danse, chorégraphie Milli Bitterli, Sabina Holzer, Sabile Rasiti
soutien dramaturgique Myriam Van Imschoot
costumes Germana Tack
éclairage Jan Maertens
bande sonore originale Martin Siewert
coproduction artificial horizon, Tanzquartier Wien
avec le soutien du MA7 Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt.KUNST