Marc Vanrunxt & Arco Renz




A poignant beauty

For Discografie the choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Arco Renz each created a solo for dancer Rob Fordeyn, interweaving this material into one creation.  

In February 2012 Vanrunxt created an initial study for Rob Fordeyn in which he introduced elements of classical ballet into a world of glitter and glamour. Fordeyn danced with the Royal Ballet of Flanders before setting out on his own: so far he has worked with The Forsythe Company, Jean Luc Ducourt and Trajal Harrell. This creation, in which two different styles enter into a dialogue with one another, is based on Fordeyn’s special background and movement qualities.  

Marc Vanrunxt made his debut as a choreographer in the early 80s with the emergence of contemporary dance in Flanders. Arco Renz is one of the first generation of PARTS students and founded his own company, Kobalt Works, in 2000. In their work, Vanrunxt and Renz share a focus on stillness and mystery, a sustained radicalism and precision aimed at achieving a poignant ‘beauty’.     

In addition to the choreographer Arco Renz, Vanrunxt also invited Daniel Vanverre to be sound designer for Discografie. Vanrunxt and Renz used 80s pop music which Vanverre dismantled to create a unique sound that refers to early electronic music. Stef Alleweireldt is responsible for the lighting design and technical implementation.

concept Marc Vanrunxt | choreography Arco Renz, Marc Vanrunxt | dance Rob Fordeyn | sound design Daniel Vanverre | advice Marie-Anne Schotte | lights, technique Stef Alleweireldt | production Kunst/Werk | co-producton Kobalt Works | residency Stuk (Leuven) | thanks to Monty (Antwerp)