Maatschappij Discordia [NL]

Ding an sich

Ding an sich
Ding an sich

10.11 – 11.11.2011

Maatschappij Discordia relied on Immanuel Kant to supply the title for
their latest piece. According to this German philosopher of the
Enlightenment, man cannot know reality as it is (ding an sich). After
all, the experience of reality always depends on our own perceptions and
Discordia carries out an onsite study on the basis of
this supposition: ding an sich or the mysteries of the still-life and
the viewing box. A modestly sized handbook of theatrical possibilities.

Ding an sich may become one more in the series of ingenious montage
shows Discordia has created in recent years, some of which – Over de
kunst, Marionett
and Monolog – have been shown at the Kaaistudio’s. In
these plays the action is not necessarily linked by narrative to what
precedes or follows it, but, as an element of the performance, is
related narratively to the development of the idea the piece expresses.

Maatschappij Discordia opened up new directions from the moment it was
founded in 1982. This actors’ company from Amsterdam opted for a new way
of acting in which the actor is given a high level of independence. The
company was soon well-known in the Netherlands and Flanders and their
innovative ideas have been an inspiration to such companies as tg STAN,
Dito’Dito, ‘t Barre Land and Dood Paard. By now, Discordia consists of a
group of theatre-makers with an impressive record. They still read a
lot and engage indefatigably in group discussion, actually rehearsing as
little as possible so as to keep the acting as fresh as possible for
the audience. Discordia’s actors meticulously and tirelessly seek out
the essence of theatre, art and philosophy both on and off the stage.

van en met Annette Kouwenhoven, Jan Joris Lamers, Jorn Heijdenrijk, Matthias de Koning, Miranda Prein