Désirée 0100 & Luis Miguel Ramirez Muñoz

Delfina: Almost there!

Delfina: Almost there!
Delfina: Almost there!


The performance, led by two masked characters inside a birthday party decor, displays a strange mix of dance and clown inside a fragmented, gloomy and sometimes grotesque narrative. Treating topics such as celebration, party, death and absence of loved ones, Delfina: Almost there! questions the place of performers and “entertainment” whether it's inside a European black box or inside a garage birthday party in Latin America.

This piece is for the performers a step towards dialogue and syncretism of their double culture (they both emigrated from Latin America to Europe where they discovered Contemporary Dance), and a reflection on what the evolution and the emerging relationships between urban culture, dance and institutional art could be.

Désirée 0100, born in Mexico, she moved to France in 2011 and to Belgium in 2018. Her work has a strong connection with the improvisation practice, folklore, migration, decolonization and healing. Besides her performing career, Désirée teaches and creates dance opportunities within hospitals, prisons and psychiatric centres, but also for professional and amateur dancers in cultural and artistic institutions.
As a guest artist, she has collaborated with David Zambrano, Florence Casanave, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Benjamin Abel Meirhaighe, Micha Golderg & Rosie Sommers, Krakland, The Ostend Street Orkestra, among others.

Luis Miguel Ramirez Muñoz (AKA Dj Amapola):  is an artist from Colombia living in Belgium since 2016, they graduated from  P.A.R.T.S. in 2021 (Training and Studios). Their artistic practice lies in the intersection of dance, performance and electronic music production with a strong influence from their Urban dance background and dancing with several groups of their neighbourhood in Latin America. Coming from choreography they have found a personal approach to compose sound design for performance for their own work and in collaboration with multiple emerging artists such as Désirée 0100, Joshua Serafin and Mario Barrantes. 
Under the name Dj Amapola, their sets cross/mix electronic music with Latin urban music and experimental sounds. 


created and performed by Désirée 0100 and Luis Ramirez Muñoz | production Wipcoop/Festival Art Festival, Citylab Pianofabriek | residency space KWP & Citylab Pianofabriek, Ultima Vez, VIERNULVIER | Delfina: Almost There! is part of the universe La Fiesta de Delfina and The Secret Cycles.

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