K.A.K. & Crew

De Ongehoorden / The Unheard [Still Standing for Culture #4.]

De Ongehoorden / The Unheard
De Ongehoorden / The Unheard


On the anniversary of the lockdown on Saturday 13 March, the Still Standing for Culture collective will again make itself heard. They are not demanding an immediate reopening of the cultural sector, but rather a fair implementation and distribution of the Corona measures, in solidarity with other sectors that have been hit hard.

Together with the Belgian cultural sector, Kaaitheater is taking to the streets in the good company of the Koekelbergse Alliantie van Knutselaars – K.A.K. Their shouting-robot intervention The Unheard will make a highly symbolic and overwhelming noise. Do you want to join in?


Five energetic robotic horns storm across the market like frantic children.
Having suffered months of lockdown, there is no stopping them.
They wag their tails as they chase cyclists, make mischievous rounds around an embracing couple, or look at passers-by with questioning and endearing eyes.
Do they open their mouths wide, hoping we will listen to them?
Or are they gigantic ears, eager to hear our story?

Times of crisis are accompanied by overwhelming noise.
Politicians, experts, citizens with strong opinions make themselves heard via public channels and social media. The one who shouts the loudest is heard the most.
In the polarisation of the public debate, the often nuanced and conciliatory voice of the middle is drowned out by the language of the extremes.

CREW & K.A.K. deploy the horned robots as megaphones of the unheard voice.

Still Standing is a temporary cooperation between cultural workers, cultural houses and artists' associations all over Belgium.