Pieter De Buysser [BE]

De keisnijders

De keisnijders
De keisnijders


De Keisnijders (The Cobblestone-Cutters) is the first novel by
the theatre-maker and philosopher Pieter De Buysser. It is a compelling
and generous story about a utopian place and its occupants in the
mid-21st century. On a piece of wasteland in Berlin, four children from
Flanders start building a wall. They lay a stone on a piece of a basin
on a bag of cement and keep on building until what arises is an immense,
silent colossus. A big round zero of a wall. An impressive accumulation
of new stories, customs and movements starts to proliferate around it,
deep into the 21st century and reaching over the borders of the country
and the continent. The four children and their habits become legendary.
De Keisnijders is a humorous novel, poetic and odd, high-spirited
and disquieting. A gripping and fascinating voyage of discovery to the
heart of tomorrow’s Europe. Classic storytelling and challenging
literature that raises fundamental questions.
At the last KunstenFestivaldesArts, Pieter De Buysser appeared in the Kaaistudio’s with Book Burning, a theatrical narrative he created with the artist Hans Op de Beeck.

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