Bojan Djordjev [RS]

De discrete charme van het marxisme

De discrete charme van het marxisme
De discrete charme van het marxisme


A six-course meal

‘Food for thought’, that is The Discreet Charm of Marxism. Marxist texts on the class struggle and revolution are staged as a six-course meal, nicely divided into portions, from starter through main course to cheese platter and dessert. You eat, read and discuss it with the other guests. The ‘food for thought’ is presented in graphics, while real food and drinks are served as ‘books’. Nobody will go hungry! In this ‘conversation piece’, the audience has the main role, but the extent to which you take part in the conversation is entirely up to you. No talking with your mouth full, though!

• Bojan Djordjev lives and works in Belgrade. He studied theatre and the arts and works as a director, performer and cultural worker. He is the co-founder of the TkH-platform (Teorija koja Hoda, Walking Theory) and editor of the TkH Journal for Performing Arts theory.


concept and performance (EN) Bojan Djordjev | performance (NL) Joachim Robbrecht | graphic and paper design Katarina Popović | space design Siniša Ilić | translation to Dutch Sarah van Lamsweerde | advice Erwin Jans | production DasArts (Amsterdam), Walking Theory (Belgrade)

A House on Fire presentation; with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union