HERMESensemble [BE]




Cymatics, or how sound becomes visible

Andrew Claes, Cymatics (2010)
Peter Ablinger, Ohne Titel (1992)
Ivan Fedele, Immagini da Escher (2005)
Jérôme Combier, Estran, poussière grise sans nuages (2005) & Anima foglia (2008)

The composer Andrew Claes, the HERMESensemble and the video artist Kurt Ralske are together taking up the challenge of making music visible, live on stage: an exploration and a multimedia concert, whose premise alone is quite fascinating and intriguing. During the concert, live visuals will be generated that are developed through the medium of the compositions.

The Hermes Ensemble is eager to bring the music of the classical avant-garde face to face with early music, pop and world music and other disciplines including (musical-) theatre, visual art, video, film and multimedia. This Antwerp collective often gives concerts at unusual venues such as industrial sites and Anish Kapoor’s monumental works of art.

composition Andrew Claes | video Kurt Ralske | conductor Marco Angius | music electronics CRFMW (Jean-Marc Sullon)