Ivana Müller [HR/FR]

Conversations out of place

21.11 – 22.11.2018

In this beautiful philosophical and ecological fable, Ivana Müller reflects on a world dictated by humanity. She starts from our relationship with nature. Four human beings wander around an unusual and slightly absurd universe. Time and movement slow down in a seemingly endless, light silence. Their journey takes four days, weeks, months, years… They try to keep a clear head, but gradually lose sight of the goal they set out to achieve. The trust, symbiosis, tensions, and ruptures between the four walkers and one mysterious plant create an intriguing ecosystem. Their manipulations, interventions, and the rubbish they leave behind slowly but surely create a Romantic tableau. Are we witnessing the sublime experience of our own disappearance?

• Author and choreographer Ivana Müller grew up in Zagreb and Amsterdam. She currently lives and works in Paris. She has previously presented While we were still holding it together, In Common, and We are still watching in the Kaaitheater programme.

‘What is the link between getting lost in the forest and deleting all data on humanity? The answer is to be found in Ivana Müller’s brilliantly staged performance.’ – Libération

concept, text and choreography Ivana Müller
| in collaboration with the performers Hélène Iratchet, Julien Lacroix, Anne Lenglet & Vincent Weber | lighting design Martin Kaffarnik
| soundscape Cornelia Friederike Müller

| artistic collaboration Jonas Rutgeerts
| assistance set and costumes Alisa Hecke

| production I’M’COMPANY (Matthieu Bajolet & Gerco de Vroeg) | co-production Schauspiel Leipzig/Residenz, Ménagerie de verre, La Villette, Résidences d’artistes, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Le Phare, Centre chorégraphique national du Havre Normandie, direction Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, SZENE Salzburg

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‘Not constantly to do, just to be’

A conversation with Ivana Müller

‘Not constantly to do, just to be’
‘Not constantly to do, just to be’


Tue 16.10.18

Four wandering travellers penetrate further into the forest and lose their way completely. In Conversation out of place, choreographer Ivana Müller continues her exploration of new ways of dealing with time and imagination: ‘The attempt to collectively slow down time is the most political part of the piece.’ A conversation with Ivana Müller.

Leslie Thornton, Miriam Rasch & Rudi Laermans

A Philosophers Walk/Talk on the Sublime

talk film

A Philosophers Walk/Talk on the Sublime
A Philosophers Walk/Talk on the Sublime
Wed 21.11.18

The Sublime focus opens with a screening of A Philosophers Walk on the Sublime, a short film by American filmmaker Leslie Thornton. The remarkable landscape of the Swiss Alps inflects Thornton's musings on the sublime, as it may be pursued in nature and photography. The film screening is followed by a conversation on the sublime between philosopher Miriam Rasch and sociologist Rudi Laermans.