Simon Lenski + Eavesdropper, Niko Hafkenscheid & friends, Colossal Yes, Hahn Rowe & Olga Mink




Four acts make up a musical rollercoaster that whisks you through a multitude of styles.

Simon Lenski + Eavesdropper. These two well-regarded sound wizards build an adventurous and energetic wall of sound on cello, guitar and electronics. Quite an opener!

Niko Hafkenscheid & friends. This Brussels singer-songwriter (who appeared in Meg Stuart and Philipp Gehmacher’s Maybe Forever) plays dark folk, noisy blues and poppy ballads, with a trio put together specially for this concert.

Colossal Yes. In his group Colossal Yes, Utrillo Kushner (the explosive drummer with Comets on Fire, the figurehead of neo-psychedelic San Francisco rock) shows us a completely different, intimate and melodious side of his music. The first European concert by Colossal Yes, to coincide with their second CD, Charlemagne’s Big Thaw.

Hahn Rowe & Olga Mink. The New York composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Hahn Rowe (a former member of the legendary Hugo Largo) moves back and forth between rock, electronic music and improvisation. He wrote the music for several productions by Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods, including Disfigure Study, FORGERIES, LOVE AND OTHER MATTERS (for which he won a Bessie Award), REPLACEMENT and BLESSED. In this unique concert he rolls his violin playing across a digital carpet of ‘microsonics’ to create a sumptuous, almost symphonic sound that is accompanied by the artist Olga Mink’s live video projections.