Club Caval

Club Caval
Club Caval


Last season, the actress Manah Depauw and the dancer An Verstraete worked with children from the Kleurdoos primary school. Together they made Club Caval, a story about war, peace and utopia. The group journeyed from the Kaaitheater Studios to the Grand’Place with the horse called Caval. The whole project was filmed by Guerin Vandevorst, and this film is now being shown as a Sunday matinee at the Kaaitheater Studios. This brings Canaletto, Kaaitheater’s socio-artistic project, to a fittingly fine end.

concept An Verstraete & Manah Depauw
construction of Caval Adriaan Verwee
video Guérin Vandevorst
mastering Mathieu Haessler
music Manuel Roland
with Mustafa, Marialyne, Ricardo, Bekir, Yasmina, Türkan, Saloua, Selwa, Hamza, Soukeina, Ilias, Hussein, Hassan
production Canaletto/Kaaitheater
supported by VGC Stedenfonds