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Chto Delat?, Hedwig Houben, Zoe Laughlin & Christoph Hefti

Chto Delat?, Hedwig Houben, Zoe Laughlin & Christoph Hefti
Chto Delat?, Hedwig Houben, Zoe Laughlin & Christoph Hefti


The Tower: A Songspiel

VIDEO • Chto Delat? (What is to be done?) is an activist art collective that asks crucial questions about the links between art and political commitment. The Tower: A Songspiel (Russia, 2010) is a video film based on original documents from the current Russian political scene and deals with the conflict around the construction of a 403-metre tower in St. Petersburg by the oil and gas giant Gazprom. A devastating picture of oppressive power in Russia today.

Colour and Shapes, a short explanation of my artistic practice + Six Possibilities For A Sculpture

LECTURE-PERFORMANCE • In Colour and Shapes, the artist Hedwig Houben, who does research at the HISK in Ghent, talks about several basic shapes: the sphere, cylinder, pyramid and cube. They are symbols of the emotions involved in the creative process. In Six Possibilities for a Sculpture she shows us the doubts associated with creating things. She very refreshingly approaches art from a quite unexpected angle.

The Performativity of Matter

LECTURE-PERFORMANCE • Zoe Laughlin creates a world that gives one an amazing insight into the wonderful realm of materials. She examines malleable liquids, the sound and feeling of objects and the relationship between objects and materials, all in a way that is clever, humorous and utterly charming.

Climbin’ down the tree and walking to town

PERFORMANCE/CONCERT • The Swiss fashion designer, performer and musician Christoph Hefti appeared at the Kaaistudios with his pop group Taxi Val Mentek in Performatik 09. Now he is appearing at the Beurs with an out of hand carnivalesque concert packed with capers and metamorphoses of all sorts, a mixture of luscious musical, stomping samba, atmospheric crooning and more, invoked by the crackling Theremin sounds of Locke Wheeler.