Nicoline van Harskamp [NL]

Character Witness

Character Witness
Character Witness

26.11 – 10.12.2011

26/11/2011: Character Witness with Catherine Lord (GB)
09/12/2011: Character Witness with Daniel Rovai (F)
10/12/2011: Character Witness with David Cameron (US)

Character Witness takes as its starting-point the autobiographies of historical figures such as Malcolm X, Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher and Ariel Sharon. They each explain or justify some of their controversial political decisions on the basis of childhood experiences. Their stories are merged into a single speech, which will be delivered by three actors.

• The work of Nicoline van Harskamp (Netherlands, 1975) addresses the function and power of the spoken word. Using footage of conversations, speeches and debates, she writes the scripts for her video and performance pieces. In 2009 Van Harskamp won the Dutch Prix de Rome.

Process material of Character Witness will be presented at D+T Project (Bosquetstr. 4, 1060 Brussels) from 3/11 till 23/12.

curatorial advice Goran Petrovic