Radical Hope [BE]

Changing Tents

Changing Tents
Changing Tents

17.01 – 23.01.2011

INSTALLING: Mo 17/01, from 8:00

USING: Tu 18 > Sa 22/01, 08:00-00:00

COLLAPSING: Su 23/01, 14:00

Six tents and a car together form a temporary zone for social and economic change. A group of artists have been invited by Radical_Hope to set up this out-of-the-ordinary “camp”. On Monday January 17 everyone is welcome to come and learn to erect the hexayurts. A hexayurt is a special kind of tent, designed by Vinay Gupta as incredibly cheap shelter for those in need. You can then stay and get involved in the week-long process of action that aims to generate ideas: ideas about new ways of organising work, urban food production, alternative energy management, innovative financing schemes and so on.

Download the Changing Tents Newspaper

Welcome to our world of six tents and one vehicle:

the performing tent for changing ideas
the co-working tent for changing business
the currency tent for changing systems
the biography tent for changing facts
the kitchen tent for changing products
the fashion tent for changing bodies
a demobilised car for changing problems...

As from 5 January you can programme your own activities as part of Changing Tents by adding them to the Changing Agenda: www.changingagenda.be

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Installing artists & partners Philippe Chatelain, Johan Deschuymer, Mette Edvardsen, FoAM, Nicolas Y Galeazzi & Joel Verwimp (Verlegt Verlag), Vinay Gupta, David Helbich, The Hub Brussels, Annemie Maes (okno), Christophe Meierhans, Julie Pfleiderer, Iphigenia Tillieu, Elke Van Campenhout & Ariane Loze (Bureau d'Espoir), Various Artists (nadine) and the technical staff of Kaaitheater | using all installing artists and partners as well as whoever is interested to use the tents for his or her personal practices and actions | cur(at)ing & maintaining for radical_hope Heike Langsdorf, Christiane Huber, Guy Gypens | micro-sponsors Rasa Alksnyte, Hendrik De Smedt, Herman Demoulin, Bruno De Wachter, Katja Dreyer, Benedicte Lobelle, Enrica Passado-Burgo, Miriam Rohde, Els Silvrants-Barclay, Olivier Van Hamme, ... | co-production Kunst/Werk vzw | support APASS, Micromarché