Schwalbe [NL]

[CANCELLED] Werk #8: Nieuw Werk

[CANCELLED] Werk #8: Nieuw Werk
[CANCELLED] Werk #8: Nieuw Werk

03.04 – 04.04.2019

This performance moves to the 2019-2020 season due to productional reasons.

To whoever is surfing on this site,

We would like to invite you to our New Work, which like most things on this website does not yet exist. It is still lurking somewhere in an invisible, intimate place, yet to be made, and is still carefully looking for words to present itself to you.

You had probably – and justifiably – expected to read something about it here, so that you could decide whether or not to buy a ticket. That is, after all, somewhat customary. But we do not yet know what you will see or experience when you step across the threshold of the Kaaistudios expecting to see us, drop your coat at the cloakroom, and enter the theatre and take your seat.

We request, however, that you look forward to us despite the fact that you do not know anything more at the moment.
If you like, you can follow us at www.

Best wishes,