Ivana Müller

CANCELLED: Forces of Nature

CANCELLED: Forces of Nature
CANCELLED: Forces of Nature

24.11 – 25.11.2020

Please note: this show has been cancelled to help contain the spread of the new coronavirus. 

Ivana Müller has been inspired by the five fundamental mechanical principles of movement: gravity, inertia, resistance, momentum, action, and reaction. These are what compel bodies, objects, animals, water, minerals and plants to move. And we must control them in order to walk and dance. If you apply these forces to social, political and emotional bodies, you open a new perspective on the world around us. For example, a large country stands for a heavier body, and a small country has a lighter and more dynamic constitution. And if a nation is burdened down by a heavy history, you will need just as much momentum to change the course of that history.

Forces of Nature follows the movements of a complex organism that is constituted of five dancers, each with their own energy and ideas. Together, they construct a shared space, a habitat. Their negotiations produce movements, and from their questions flows a score.

• Author and choreographer Ivana Müller grew up in Zagreb and Amsterdam. She currently lives and works in Paris. She has been a guest at Kaaitheater several times, for example with the ecological fable Conversations out of place.

concept, text & choreography Ivana Müller | in collaboration with the performers Hélène Iratchet, Julien Lacroix, Julien Gallée-Ferré, Vincent Weber a.o. | research Anne Lenglet | dramaturgy Jonas Rutgeerts | lights Martin Kaffarnik/Fanny Lacourt | set design Alix Boillot | costumes Suzanne Veiga Gomes | sound design Cornelia Frederike Müller | production I’M COMPANY (Matthieu Bajolet, Gerco de Vroeg, François Maurisse) | co-production Buda, Schauspiel Leipzig, D, CCN2 Centre National Chorégraphique de Grenoble, Tanzfabrik