Toneelhuis/Guy Cassiers [BE]

Bloed & rozen. Het lied van Jeanne en Gilles

Bloed & rozen. Het lied van Jeanne en Gilles
Bloed & rozen. Het lied van Jeanne en Gilles

02.03 – 04.03.2012

Dangerous forms of fundamentalism

Jeanne d’Arc, a simple farmer’s girl, claimed to have received from God the task of liberating France from English occupation. After several spectacular victories she was imprisoned and burnt at the stake as a witch. Gilles de Rais, one of the richest nobles in France, fought at Jeanne’s side. After her death he abandoned himself to magic and sexual excess. He was condemned for witchcraft, sodomy and the murder of dozens of youths. In 1920 Jeanne was canonised.

After Mefisto for ever and Atropa, Guy Cassiers and Tom Lanoye are continuing their successful collaboration in Bloed & rozen. Het lied van Jeanne en Gilles. In the first two pieces they concentrated on political and military power, and now their attention is shifting to the legal system and religious power. Dangerous forms of fundamentalism are manifesting themselves in these areas too. So the horrors of the 15th century are a mirror of the 21st century.
Dominique Pauwels, who has previously worked with Guy Cassiers on Onegin and Wolfskers, is writing a composition for three vocal trios and every possible variation of them. They will look back to the principles of the early mediaeval and polyphonic music, which are also an inspiration to Tom Lanoye.
After Antwerp and Avignon, the show will now be presented in Brussels.

could almost hear the sighs of satisfaction and relief rippling round
Avignon’s medieval Palace of the Popes as this production unfolded:
historical substance with overt contemporary echoes, interesting
structure, a sterling cast, innovative scenography and rich choral
polyphony." - The Financial Times

MATINEE KADEE: Su 4/03, 15:00, Kaaitheater | free | please book in advance
Workshop Imagination: free workshop for children aged 4 to 12 years. For very young children (-4) there is a cosy playroom complete with babysitter.

direction Guy Cassiers | text Tom Lanoye | dramaturgy Erwin Jans | with Katelijne Damen, Stefaan Degand, Johan Van Assche, Abke Haring, Han Kerckhoffs, Johan Leysen, Jos Verbist | design Guy Cassiers, Enrico Bagnoli, Ief Spincemaille | lighting design Enrico Bagnoli | sound design Diederik De Cock | video design Ief Spincemaille | costume design Tim Van Steenbergen | assistent costume design Mieke Van Buggenhout | music Dominique Pauwels | vocals Collegium Vocale Gent | production Toneelhuis (Antwerp) | co-production Festival D'avignon, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, De Tijd (Antwerp), Collegium Vocale Gent, deSingel (Antwerp)