Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods & Eira [Brussels]



20.04 – 26.04.2007

The American choreographer Meg Stuart creates new work with Francisco Camacho

The American dancer Meg Stuart made her debut as a choreographer with Disfigure Study at the Klapstukfestival in 1991. Her work is rooted in New York in the 80s, where she developed her first short choreographic work. It was also there that she met the Portuguese dancer Francisco Camacho. Camacho completed his training as a dancer there during this period and followed Meg Stuart to Belgium to dance in her debut work.

After this collaboration each went their own way. Meg Stuart set up her dance group, Damaged Goods, in Brussels and also created work with her company in Zurich and Berlin. She developed a highly personal dance idiom in which mind and body are often shown in extreme, occasionally contradictory, capacities. Camacho also participated in creations by Alain Platel and Carlota Lagido, made his own choreographic pieces and founded the Eira company. In 1999 their paths crossed once more, although very briefly, in the Moscow instalment of the improvisation project Crash Landing.

In 2007 they will be working together once more, Meg Stuart will create a new choreography with Camacho in a sound setting by Hahn Rowe.

chorégraphie Meg Stuart
créé avec et dansé par Francisco Camacho & Kotomi Nishiwaki
musique Hahn Rowe
dramaturgie Bart Van den Eynde
installation Doris Dziersk
costumes Jean-Paul Lespagnard
lumière Jan Maertens
assistance chorégraphie Abraham Hurtado
responsable de le production Tanja Thomsen
régie Britta Mayer & Jan Maertens
technique du son Vincent Malstaf
régisseur Kay Hupka
stage lumière & technique Rinus Van de Velde
assistance décor Ania Pas
assistance costumes Françoise Hottois
production Damaged Goods & EIRA
coproduction Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Gand), Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Berlin), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisboa), Théâtre de la Bastille (Paris), Festival d’Automne (Paris)

Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods bénéficient du soutien du Gouvernement flamand et de la Commission de la Communauté flamande.
Francisco Camacho & EIRA bénéficient du soutien du MC/IA.