Benjamin Vandewalle & Erki De Vries, We Go [BE]



14.12 – 15.12.2011

Constant change

In Birdwatching, the spectator is immersed in a sensory world of constant change. Dancer, room and audience all become part of a choreography that constantly redefines their mutual relationships. In an environment where space and body are continually redefining each other, nothing is what it at first appears.

• The choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle studied at PARTS and made an impression there with his solo Skinsidout, the duet We Go (with Vincent Carta) and the installation Théâtre de la Guillotine. After this, again with Carta, he made the installation performance Inbetween and worked on projects in South Africa and Mozambique. He shares with the artist Erki De Vries a fascination for everything connected to perception. How do we experience space and surroundings and how does our experience influence this space? This was their starting point for Birdwatching. The audience is invited to sit in an extraordinary mobile installation that acts as an observation post.

‘What fascinates me in these people’s work is that a performance makes you lose your grip on the space you are in, and that they manipulate your sensory perception and thus make a subject of it.’
Guy Cassiers.

Running parallel with the dance installation Birdwachting and the dance performance One/Zero by Benjamin Vandewalle and Erki De Vries, 
Working Title Platform#3 is presenting an exhibition with works by
Roderik Bösensell,
Jan De Cock, Wim Delvoye, Erki De Vries, Pieter Huybrechts, Lawrence
Malstaf, Albert Michotte, Ief Spincemaille, Benjamin Vandewalle, Philip
Van Loocke and Bill Viola: The Reflecting Pool.

concept Benjamin Vandewalle, Erki De Vries | choreography Benjamin Vandewalle | scenography Erki De Vries | by and with Marisa Cabal, Benjamin Vandewalle, Erki De Vries, Anton Boon, Robin Jonsson | dramaturgy Marnix Rummens | costumes Bert Gillet | production We Go (BE) | co-production Monty (Antwerpen), STUK (Leuven), d e t h e a t e r m a k e r (Antwerpen) | administration, tour management Caravan Production for We Go | residencies BUDA (Kortrijk), Dommelhof (Neerpelt), kc nOna (Mechelen), wpZimmer (Antwerpen) | support the Flemish Authorities

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Benjamin Vandewalle

Benjamin Vandewalle
Benjamin Vandewalle


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