Miet Warlop [BE]

Big Heap / Mountain: propositions

Big Heap / Mountain: propositions
Big Heap / Mountain: propositions


Imaginative struggles with reality

Under the title Big Heap / Mountain, Miet Warlop creates a number of ‘propositions’ regarding what can and cannot be perceived. For each of these propositions, she looks for one or more partners in crime. She explores the boundaries of our imagination with a small arsenal of everyday objects and shows us how much fantasy we put into our struggles with reality.

The first proposition, Reanimation (2006), is a 40-minute slow-motion repetition of a 60-second murder scene. A series of meticulous manipulations enables the flat characters – who consist only of clothes – to come to life and express a sensual world of pronounced emotions. While the drama is taking place, minimal adjustments are sufficient to ratchet up the tension until the irrevocable happens.

In the second proposition, Reconstruction (2007), the performer enters a lightning obstacle race. The rapid succession of actions – successful or not – increase step by step. They build up and destroy a series of symbolically-charged scenes.

On 21th and 22th January Miet Warlop presents her latest creation, Springville, at the Kaaistudio's.

Schedule for 20th January

Due to its limited capacity, Proposition 1 will be presented twice. The audience is divided into two groups: group 1 starting at 20h30, group 2 at 21h30.

The evening will be scheduled as follows:

20:30 - Proposition 1 (group 1)
21:45 - interval
21:30 - Proposition 2 (group 1+2)
22:15 - interval
22:45 - Proposition 1 (group 2)

Video programme

- Proposition 3: Play the Life (20’)
- the making of Reconstruction 2 (20’)
- Striptease (45’)

The videos are shown before and after the live performances.

by Miet Warlop, assisted by Sofie Durnez | with Miet Warlop | production CAMPO (Ghent) | co-production De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam)

by Miet Warlop, assisted by Kurt Stockman, Adriaan Verwee | with Miet Warlop, Peter Seynaeve | technique Korneel Coessens | production CAMPO (Ghent)

by Miet Warlop, assisted by Sofie Durnez | editing Nele Keukelier | production CAMPO (Ghent), Vrijstaat-O (Ostend)

by Miet Warlop | editing Kevin Meul | striptease Caroline | thanks to the guys | production CAMPO (Ghent)