tg STAN [BE]



26.10 – 29.10.2011

‘A man and a woman meet in a café.’ This is the extremely banal
beginning of Betrayal (1978) by the English playwright, scenarist and
Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter. This play is about a straightforward,
‘classic’ love triangle involving Emma, her husband Robert and his best
friend Jerry. Emma betrays Robert with Jerry for seven years. Seven
years summarised in nine scenes, in which passion and mediocrity,
adventure and routine, lies and desires, deceit and self-deception
struggle with each other. Pinter is unerringly able to turn these
various moments into a play of superior quality. His main dramaturgical
modification is to the course of time: the story is told in reverse
chronological order. So the spectator knows ‘how the story ends’. This
leaves him plenty of time to concentrate on Pinter’s combination of
virtuosity with an extremely economical use of language. This also means
the actors/characters get all the attention.

A gem from the Anglo-Saxon repertoire of the last century. And three
wonderful parts for three wonderful actors, the STAN members Jolente De
Keersmaeker and Frank Vercruyssen are joined by Robby Cleiren from de

tekst  Harold Pinter | een voorstelling van en met  Robby Cleiren, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Frank Vercruyssen | licht  Thomas Walgrave | kostuums  Ann D’Huys | techniek  Raf De Clercq, Tim Wouters | productie  tg STAN (Antwerpen)