Sarma & Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods [Brussels]




Dancing in the world

The performing arts world is becoming increasingly international and mobile. What are the consequences for the circumstances in which dancers and companies live and work from day to day?

This is precisely what Sarma, the online site for dance and live art criticism, is intending to find out. For this purpose it has set up the B-Chronicles social critique project. Together with performers, writers and philosophers, and by means of interviews with dancers in Brussels, talks, performances, publications and video montages, Sarma will examine what it means to live as a dancer and to work in this globalised age.

On 13 January Sarma will present the project in the Studios. In the first part, the topic of discussion will be introduced in a documentary by Jorge Leon, and you can see the young choreographer and performer Eleanor Bauer at work in a lecture-performance. In the second part, the public will be asked to take part in a game, developed by the sociologist Delphine Hesters and Dimitry Masyn, in the foyer.


B-Chronicles Mediatheque

10>25/01/2007 Kaaitheaterstudio’s, before, during & after the performances / free entrance
While Performatik 2 is on, you can consult the B-Chronicles mediatheque assembled by Sarma. 

curateurs Jeroen Peeters & Myriam Van Imschoot
coordination Charlotte Vandevyver
production vzw Sarma
coproduction Damaged Goods, Kunst/Werk
soutien Communauté flamande & VGC