Collectif Argos

Avec les Réfugiés Climatiques

 Avec les Réfugiés Climatiques
 Avec les Réfugiés Climatiques

23.11 – 28.11.2009

In Burning Ice #1, the Paris photographers’ collective Argos presented their work on climate refugees. Today they will be presenting nine photo-collages compiled around nine locations on our planet where the effects of climate change are already clearly visible: Pankhali/Bangladesh, Funafuti/Tuvalu, Blarigui/Lake Chad, New Orleans/USA, Shishmaref/USA, Khumbu Valley/Nepal, Hallingen/Germany, the Maldive Islands, Longbaoshan/China.

Monday 23/11 – OPENING NIGHT - Kaaitheater 20:00
  1. Performance SmallTalk (Stijn Demeulenaere)
  2. Opening Burning Ice#2 by Jørgen Molde, ambassador of Danmark in Belgium
  3. Opening photo exhibition Collectif Argos, Avec les Réfugiés Climatiques by Bruno De Lille, College Member of the Flemish Community Commission in charge of Culture
  4. Terra Reversa