Meyrem Bayram

Autonomous Scenography

Autonomous Scenography
Autonomous Scenography


Visual artist Meryem Bayram’s fascination for pop-up books led to the installation performance Autonomous Scenography. She developed a series of pure and basic forms made from cardboard that unfold from an apparently empty and flat surface to a whole repertory of evocative scenic elements. Once the scenographic elements were defined, different artists let loose their imagination on the material. The project demonstrates what happens when scenography does not emerge from a story or choreography, but becomes the starting point from where they unfold.

How can the performance artists and sound and light designers contaminate these various scenic elements? In a sensitive and resonant game of forms and shapes, Autonomous Scenography reveals how personal associations determine our perception of reality.

Concept & scenografie: Meryem Bayram
Ontwikkeling & performance: Gaëtan Bulourde & Clément Layes
Geluidsontwerp: Charo Calvo
Lichtontwerp: Pol Matthé
Outside eye: David Bergé
Costumering: Johanna Trudzinski
Productie: Platform 0090  - Coproductie: Playground Festival (Leuven), wpZimmer (Antwerpen), MAF festival (Antwerpen), Storm op Komst (Turnhout)
Met de steun van de Vlaamse Overheid