Joost Vandecasteele [BE]

Attack of the Killer Z's

Attack of the Killer Z's
Attack of the Killer Z's

03.12 – 04.12.2010

They’re coming
and they can smell us
they’re everywhere
and the whole world is scared
the zombies are here
and the aliens aren’t
it’s just us now
World War Z is upon us

A few jokes

After all the B-films, now it’s on stage too: the zombie genre! In this ‘Spoken Word-thing’ the author, actor, director and stand-up comedian Joost Vandecasteele shares the stage with actress Sara De Bosschere.

• For Spoken World 09, Kaaitheater commissioned Joost Vandecasteele to create Otaku, a performance that cleverly balances on the boundary between stand-up comedy and theatre, and between factual analysis and fiction. This year we asked him once again to say something about ‘the state of the world’. Vandecasteele is well known in the theatre world: he studied directing at the Rits and has worked with Action Malaise, Abattoir Fermé and Union Suspecte. He has also appeared as a stand-up comedian and participated in the Canvas Comedy Casino Cup in 2008. In 2009 he made his literary debut with Hoe de wereld perfect functioneert zonder mij, a collection of stories published by Arbeiderspers and set in the big city, painting a grim picture of the future. The story ‘Nooit meer vrede’ received the Burning Pen Award in the Netherlands.

7 PM

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by Joost Vandecasteele | with Sara De Bosschere, Joost Vandecasteele | commission & production Kaaitheater