Els Dietvorst




An urban hunter-gatherer

Documentary maker and artist Els Dietvorst is fascinated by people who live on the fringes. This social conflict is a recurring theme in her work. As in Art-Coeur-Merci, inspired by the life of the Cameroonian man ACM. (‘Art-Coeur-Merci’).  

Dietvorst met him eight years ago. He was surviving in a shack on the Brussels-Charleroi Canal on the outskirts of the city. An urban hunter-gatherer, he foraged for his food and made his clothes from what we leave behind in Oxfam clothing containers. He was not a burden to his environment, but he was driven away and his shack demolished. ACM was both strong and fragile, a (life) artist.  

The multi screen film projection and the accompanying performance by Angélique Wilkie, based on Els Dietvorst's piece I'm going to my chickens, make us reflect on the essential things in life, as well as on urban and economic developments, the globalisation of the market and increasing individualism.

• Els Dietvorst lives and works in Ireland. In Burning Ice #5 (2012) and #6 (2013) we presented The Black Lamb, her website and film project which we will giving a final showing at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts at the end of this season. From 15/09 to 15/10 Argos (in collaboration with Kaaitheater) will present an installation on The Black Lamb.


Expo: One Was Killed for Beauty, the Other One Was Shot, the 2 Others Died Naturally
opening Sa 3/05 18:00>21:00 | expo 4/05>29/06 We>Su 11:00>18:00 Argos Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier 1000 Brussels | € 5/3

The videos, drawings, and writings of Els Dietvorst explore themes such as social conflict and survival in the margins. A few years ago, this self-proclaimed ‘urban artist’ moved to the Irish village of Duncormick, where she has since lived and worked to the rhythm of the elements. In 2014, Dietvorst presents a series of works on migration and altered living conditions.