Rodrigo Garcia / La Carnicería Teatro [Madrid]

Aproximacion a la idea de desconfianza

Aproximacion a la idea de desconfianza
Aproximacion a la idea de desconfianza

20.02 – 21.02.2009

Elementary materials

Three actors perform simple ritualistic acts in silence using elementary materials: water, earth, milk and honey. A text written in the first person is projected onto the back wall of the stage; it is an analysis of the consumer society, alternately accusatory and self-critical.

Since setting up his Carniceria Teatro (Butchery Theatre) in Madrid in 1989, the Argentinian Rodrigo Garcia has been making highly physical and provocative theatre. This piece is more contemplative, a transcript of his baroque language. A poetic piece, a plea for an intense life in the present, by an author and director who dares to say quite frankly what he thinks of the world and of you and me.

In late November, Rodrigo Garcia was awarded the Prix Europe Nouvelles Réalités Théâtrales. There were five winners, including Guy Cassiers.

concept, text, scenography Rodrigo García | translation Christilla Vasserot | with Juanjo de la Jara, Agnés Mateus, Jean-Benoît Ugeux | lighting Carlos Marquerie | projections Ramón Diago | camera Daniel Iturbe | technical direction Ferdy Esparza | assistant to the director Alessandro Romano | co-production Rodrigo García & Carnicería Teatro, Bonlieu Scène nationale d’Annecy, Centre d'arts escéniques Reus (E)

Rodrigo García’s texts are published by Les Solitaires Intempestifs 
created in February 2006 at Bonlieu la Scène nationale d’Annecy