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ANARCHIV #2: second hand

ANARCHIV #2: second hand
ANARCHIV #2: second hand

03.02 – 04.02.2010

In their ANARCHIV series, the German artists Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke, together the artistic duo deufert+plischke, look back at the choreographic material they have created together over the last nine years. They reformulate characteristic themes and motifs in a new work, not as a sort of ‘best of’ or an instructional glimpse behind the artistic scenes, but as an active re-writing of archive materal. For each ANARCHIV project they cooperate with other artists who are familiar with their work. They offer their material and let their guests open it up, analyse it, adapt it, and change it to suit themselves.

For ANARCHIV #1: I am not a zombie, Deufert and Plischke cooperated with the Belgian curator, dramaturge and artist Jeroen Peeters, the German philosopher Marcus Steinweg, the Swiss artist Lucie Tuma and the Greek philosopher and stage designer Marialena Pouskouri.

For ANARCHIV #2: second hand, they reformulate their work together with the American choreographer DD Dorvillier, the Danish performance artist Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and, once more, the German philosopher Marcus Steinweg. ‘Give me your material and I will show you what you are not doing with it’; this could be their motto. The choreography of the performance has been fully and literally written out beforehand in accordance with the principle of the game of consequences. The four of them handed their descriptions of movements on to each other with the request to add to and make the description more precise. This gave rise to a complex set of written movements in four notebooks which together make up the choreography they perform on stage. So, very unusually, in this production the written archive precedes the movement itself. In the second part of the performance the choreography is analysed once again and handed on to the audience in separate scores for a second ‘second hand’ interpretation. Bernhard Schreiner will be creating the live music score.

Archiving Dance: 4/2, 21:00: Timmy De Laet, a researcher at Antwerp University, talks to Kattrin Deufert, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and DD Dorvillier about archiving, sharing and passing on dance material. In English; free admission.

de et avec deufert+plischke, DD Dorvillier et Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt | texte Marcus Steinweg | musique Bernhard Schreiner | responsable de la production Barbara Greiner | production deufert+plischke et Gemeinschaftspraxis Hamburg e.V. | avec le soutien de Behörde für Kultur, Sport und Medien Hamburg; National Performance Network avec le soutien du German Federal Cultural Foundation dans le cadre de leur projet Dance Plan Germany | coproduction Kaaitheater, PACT Zollverein (Essen), Kampnagel (Hambourg)