Louis Janssens & Willem de Wolf (DE HOE)



30.03 – 31.03.2023

Louis Janssens and Willem de Wolf got to know each other when, as a teacher at drama school, Willem saw Louis enter his class and for a moment thought he saw himself as a student from 35 years ago. He saw the same eagerness, the same ambition, the same uncertainty wrapped in bravado.   

Conversely, Louis also recognised himself in Willem. As something you could become, even though you might not want to. As supposedly mature, experienced, with insecurity wrapped in resignation. What do you actually see, when you see yourself in the other? Is recognising yourself in the other the basis on which and with which you learn?  

Analogue is an intergenerational performance, a score about completed and desired learning processes. About earlier and later but also about how to position yourself as a young - or older - person within the world.   

•  Willem de Wolf has been a permanent member of DE KOE since 2011, which in 2022 was renamed DE HOE after a merger with Hof Van Eede. De Wolf has been writing and acting since his days at the Amsterdam School of Drama, where he founded the duo Kas & de Wolf with Ton Kas. He makes his mark with his texts at the Flemish company, too, and writes both alone and in collaboration with others. He has been worked as a teacher at various courses in Flanders for many years. DE KOE and DE HOE are regular guests at the Kaaitheater programme.

•  Louis Janssens (Antwerp, 1995) graduated from KASK Ghent in 2018. From 2012 to 2022, he formed the two-headed collective Desnor together with Ferre Marnef. His graduation performance, created with Timo Sterckx, The Greatest Show on Earth, was presented at Kaaistudio's. Meanwhile, Louis also works as a (guest) teacher at theatre schools.   

The duet's secret weapon is as simple as it is ingenious: De Wolf and Janssens tell the other's story as if they have experienced it themselves” - De Standaard   

In a beautiful duet, Willem de Wolf and his former student Louis Janssens reflect on how they shaped and are shaping, each other and each other's work..” – De Morgen 

by & with Louis Janssens & Willem de Wolf | technique, light, sound track Shane van Laer |  choreographic advice Femke Gyselinck | costume Cecile Taylor | production DE HOE | co-production Het Laatste Bedrijf | thanks to Ferre Marnef, Simon Baetens, Peter Seynaeve, Mitch Van Landeghem & Carine van Bruggen | support Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid