Ictus/Liesa Van der Aa & Tom Pauwels [BE]

American Lament (studio version)

American Lament (studio version)
American Lament (studio version)

25.02 – 26.02.2016

Roots music, but different

A unique duo on stage: Liesa Van der Aa, composer, singer and Belgium’s leading lady of experimental pop (check out her triple CD WOTH!) and Tom Pauwels, Ictus’ in-house guitarist, dive into American roots music.

At the end of the 1920s – just after the great flood and before the Great Depression – recording studios were springing up like mushrooms in the Mississippi delta. This fruitful period spawned a unique blues and country repertoire. Composer Christopher Trapani has been focusing on this music for several years now. For this duo concert, he is composing a new work for voice, violin, electric guitar and effects pedals in which his microtonal obsession leads to the alienation and distortion of the original.

As well as this new work, they will be presenting compositions by Larry Polansky for voice and the so-called 'Lou Harrison National Just Intonation Resonator' guitar.

Works Christopher Trapani, Wayfaring Stranger, Freight Train, arrangements for voice, violin, guitar, pedal effects and delay sculptor (custom-made by the composer), Larry Polansky, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Eskimo Song, Dismission of Great I for voice and the Lou Harrison National Just Intonation Resonator guitar | musicians Liesa Van der Aa, voice, violin, fx-pedals, Tom Pauwels, guitar(s), fx-pedals | production Ictus, Kaaitheater, La Muse en Circuit (Paris)