Anna F. Jäger & Nathan Ooms/CAMPO

Ambient Theatre Fury

Ambient Theatre Fury
Ambient Theatre Fury

20.12 – 22.12.2022

Two people, and a frantic desire for an encounter.
In perpetually anguished attempts to connect, saying ‘you’ is locked in an endless echo of an ‘I’.
But they, and their emotions, are real, fleshed out in their striving bodies! Under a flood of smartness lurks a heap of insecurity. How little it takes and yet so unreachable it seems to leave one’s own ego-chamber and construct something else, a relation with another.

An abundance of connection, but a lack of dialogue – that is where the ever-increasing digitalisation seems to be driving us. We see the other mainly as a possible reflection and confirmation of ourselves. Anna Franziska Jäger and Nathan Ooms seek out the extremes of dialogue, from endless mirror to contradiction, through various forms of conversation such as interviews, therapy sessions or first dates.

With Ambient Theatre Fury, Anna Franziska Jäger and Nathan Ooms continue their artistic research into the relationship between digitisation and subjectivity in crisis. Our contemporary culture is increasingly permeated by 'ambient' experiences. Netflix series and popular songs but also the constant renewal of our social media feeds: created as they are from a crossover between frivolous pleasure and banal seduction. What would an ambient theatre performance look like? What happens when you magnify and amplify this ambient quality and let it rage across the stage?

Anna Franziska Jäger and Nathan Ooms both got their masters in Drama from KASK Ghent. They put up their previous performance, Jäger's graduation project Bartlebabe, at the Kaaistudio's. She has appeared in numerous films and has also been on stage in performances by Michiel Vandevelde. Ooms did an internship with Ula Sickle, and followed the STUDIOS programme at PARTS.

“Het doet je schateren, maar verontrustend is het wel.” - De Morgen

“Bijzonder aan het werk van Jäger en Ooms is dat ze ironie schuwen. In de plaats kiezen ze voor kritische overidentificatie: ze beseffen dat ze fundamenteel deel uitmaken van dit systeem.”- De Standaard

presented by Kaaitheater

by & with Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms | costumes, scenography, inside eye Carly Rae Heathcote | dramaturgy Bojana Cvejić | text coaching Bryana Fritz | technique Koen Goossens & Rune Floryn | production CAMPO | co-production TAZ & Sabam For Culture – Jong Werk beurs TAZ, Kunstenwerkplaats | with the support of VGC & De Grote Post Oostende

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Programme leaflet

Tue 20.12.22

Read the programme leaflet of Ambient Fury Theatre with an interview with the artists.