Kate McIntosh [Brussels]

All Natural

All Natural
All Natural


A performance that is a cross between stand-up comedy and a Las Vegas dance routine

The performance artist Kate McIntosh originally comes from New Zeeland and lives and works in Brussels where, among other things, she is a member of the Poni performance collective. You will be able to see her at work this season with two of her own productions.

In All Natural she appears alone on stage, supported by a script by Jo Anderson and a sound decor by Charo Calvo. She asks herself, and her audience, about man’s ‘natural state’. All Natural is a cross between stand-up comedy and a Las Vegas dance routine; mention is made of a slovenly showgirl, a pregnancy and an exploding biscuit, and there are several attempts to come into contact with the audience.

With plenty of humour Kate McIntosh links together texts, movements, actions and images on stage as she assumes one identity after another. In her search for the ‘naturalness’ everyone is seeking to achieve, she takes on the confusing and fluid forms of different characters who in their turn always seem to elude her. We are left with uncertainty and relativity, a sense of loss and failure: indeed this might well be ‘our natural state of being’.

‘I have an instinct for failure. I can smell it coming. It’s a natural thing. Yeah , I can smell it now…’

concept, mise en scène, interprétation Kate McIntosh
texte Jo Randerson
concept son Charo Calvo
conseil artistique Diederik Peeters
coproduction Plateaux (Künstlerhaus MOUSONTURM - Frankfurt), Productiehuis Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Schouwburg), Nadine (bruxelles)
avec le soutien de Margarita Productions (Bruxelles) & Kaaitheater

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Kate McIntosh

Kate McIntosh
Kate McIntosh


Kaaitheater artist-in-residence 2017-2021