Abattoir Fermé



25.09 – 26.09.2015

Alice for adults

It was exactly 150 years ago that the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland shook the foundations of the book world. Children today are still fascinated by this absurd story with all its bizarre characters. And the book also remains just as much a marvellous treasure trove for adults too. And that includes Stef Lernous. He has been an unfailing fan of all things Alice since he first read the book at the age of nine.

Abattoir Fermé has opted for an Alice who does not want to grow up. Or at least not in a world where logic rules. After all, there is no room there for brilliant nonsense, talking cats and friendly knights. She prefers to curl up in her own soap bubble. This is where she feels safe, while a friend feeds her with stories. Stories and delicious bread-rolls – but Abattoir’s Alice isn’t hungry…

In Alice, Abattoir Fermé presents an ode to nonsense and being free of cares. This gentle but dark fairytale packed with clever dialogues is intended for everyone who is adult or still has to become so.

• Abattoir Fermé creates performances based on its fascination with ‘the world that lies beyond what we know’, and with fears or fantasies that people would normally want to rationalise or forget. The company’s visual language is hyper-visual, filmic and bursting with theatrical fantasy.

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tekst en regie Stef Lernous, vrij naar Lewis Caroll | spel Aat Ceelen, Lobke Leirens, Kirsten Pieters, Lukas Smolders, Anneke Sluiters, Chiel van Berkel, Tine Van den Wyngaert | muziek Kreng | decor- en lichtontwerp Stef Lernous en Sven Van Kuijk | technische leiding Sven Van Kuijk | techniek Sven Van Kuijk, Thomas Vermaercke, Melanie Van Vlasselaer | assistent decor Freek Van den Bergh | fotografie Stef Lernous | productieleiding Nathalie Tabury | productie-assistentie Rita De Grandi, Helena Milonas, Kaat Raymaekers, Liselotte Roodbol, Stephanie Van Olmen | zakelijke leiding en verkoop België Nick Kaldunski | verkoop Nederland Theaterzaken Via Rudolphi | productie Abattoir Fermé (Mechelen) | coproductie NONA (Mechelen), STUK (Leuven) | steun Vlaamse Gemeenschap