afternoon walk – Listen Here: These Woods

afternoon walk – Listen Here: These Woods
afternoon walk – Listen Here: These Woods

28.08 – 29.08.2021

[14:30] Walking through the past and future of the (Sonian) Forest

In the past, these forests were the hunting grounds of high-ranking lords or the home of monastic communities and mystics. But at the same time, these forests were also a crucial source of energy, timber and food for the common man (which he gathered with or without the consent of the rulers).

Today, of course, our relationship with the forest and the trees is completely different. We sometimes forget how incredibly important they still are. During this walk, you will learn how crucial those trees are for us in the fight against the climate crisis, but also that they need help to adapt to that much too rapidly changing climate. The guide shows that they are true hotspots of biodiversity, and explains how all that greenery positively affects your mental and physical well-being in many ways.

Meet at 14:30 at Groenendaal station, where we will be accompanied by a nature guide from Natuurgroepering Zoniën and head into the forest for a walk through the past and future of the forest.

28/08 in Dutch
29/08 in Dutch


[16:30] Daniel Linehan, Listen Here: These Woods

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Daniel Linehan / Hiatus

Listen Here: These Woods


Listen Here: These Woods
Listen Here: These Woods
Groenendaal station
Sat 28.08 - Sun 29.08.21

Listen Here: These Woods is a literal invitation to go into nature. Set to the soundtrack of the forest, of wind rustling through the leaves and birds zipping by in the branches, the forest is these five dancers’ home, as they draw you into feeling its dynamic aliveness. The performance becomes a beautiful exchange between forest, dance, and audience, as we all momentarily share space with other living creatures in nature. A show for anyone who wants to strengthen their connection with nature!