Diego Gil & Igor Dobricic [AR-RS]

About Falling

About Falling
About Falling


The Argentine choreographer and dancer Diego Gil and the Serb dramatist Igor Dobricic have created several unruly and radical dance performances in a short space of time. About Falling is another uncompromising performance.

De Kriekelaar - 86 rue Gallait - 1030 Schaerbeek - T 02 245 75 22

Your evening ticket for 15/11 is also valid for :

  • 19:00 - KAAISTUDIO'S
    Good Move / Eleanor Bauer, At Large
  • 21:00 - Théâtre Marni
    Random Scream / Davis Freeman, Assassins

Visit also at the KAAISTUDIO'S and La Raffinerie (free entrance) > THE ART OF SURVIVAL PARCOURS

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  • Roger Bernat, Public Domain (installation version)

choreography & direction Diego Gil & Igor Dobricic | with Lucia Russo, Felix Marchand, Norberto Lopis Segara | music Tarek Atoui | light design Vinnie Jones | production Hetveem theater Amsterdam & Tanzfabrik Berlin | support Royal Netherlands Embassy