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About Elly

About Elly
About Elly

21.04 – 22.04.2023

“I believe that the similarities among the human beings on this earth and its various lands, and among its cultures and its faiths, far outweigh their differences.” - Asghar Farhadi

After the screening of A Separation (2020), tg STAN once more delves into the oeuvre of Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, this time with what cinephiles consider his best film: About Elly. With a group of eleven actors, representing different generations and backgrounds - Iraqi, Iranian, Dutch, Belgian and Afghan - tg STAN creates a performance about doubt, friendship, honour and responsibility.

We are confronted with a group of people struggling with their morality after a sudden disappearance. The carefree gives way to drama. Solidarity is crumbling and individual interests come to the fore. Does an individual dare to betray another if it can protect the group? Which truth is true and for whom? Is the truth really that relevant? Or can a lie bring salvation?

• The actors' company STAN, acronym for Stop Thinking About Names, has long been a welcome guest at the Kaaiscene. The company operates on the democratic principle that everyone has a say in everything, from the choice of text, set and lighting to costumes and posters. A STAN performance is therefore not a finished product, but rather an invitation to dialogue. In addition to the search for a common affinity, the space and need for meeting and interacting with guest players and other companies is also essential.

presented by PeriferiK / CC Strombeek, CC De Factorij, Westrand & Kaaitheater

by & with Haider Al Timimi, Kes Bakker, Robby Cleiren, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Lukas De Wolf, Anna Franziska Jäger, Manizja Kouhestani, Armin Mola, Mokhallad Rasem, Scarlet Tummers, Stijn Van Opstal | concept Jolente De Keersmaeker & Scarlet Tummers | set Joé Agemans, Damiaan De Schrijver & Stijn Van Opstal | light Luc Schaltin | costumes Fauve Ryckebusch | production tg STAN | coproduction Toneelhuis, de Roovers, Theater Antigone, Het Laatste Bedrijf | with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government

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