Tristero [Brussels]

Abigail's Party

Abigail's Party
Abigail's Party

19.09 – 28.09.2007

Biting comedy in the style of the seventies

Beverly is a would be vamp who is attracted to Demis Roussos, while her husband Laurent is wooden and deals in property. They are a respectable couple. They give a cocktail party in honour of the new neighbours. Acquaintance is easily made as the first glasses are drunk, but several rounds later it becomes increasingly difficult to keep things agreeable.

Abigail’s Party is a biting comedy written in the style of a soap by Mike Leigh, whose films include Naked and Secrets and Lies. In England the play is a huge cult hit. Tristero has made a wonderfully kitsch version of it in a pure seventies style. It opened at the 2004 Kaaitheater Comedy Festival. This season we will be presenting the play for the fifth time. A classic!

by Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Lorenza Goos, Iris Van Cauwenbergh & Peter Vandenbempt 
text Abigail's Party (1977) by Mike Leigh, translated by Tristero
scenography Emma Denis
costumes Lies Van Assche in association with Anna Seniow
graphic design Sven Beirnaert
production Tristero (Brussels), in association with Kaaitheater
support Vlaamse Gemeenschap, administratie Cultuur