BL!NDMAN 20 X 20 [Brussels]

20th anniversary concert

20th anniversary concert
20th anniversary concert


Twenty musicians

In February 2008 the BL!NDMAN saxophone quartet will have existed for twenty years. This will be celebrated with a concert involving three artists: Anouk De Clercq and Kris Verdonck.

The last two will create a stage setting for an overview of two decades of musical and theatrical wanderings, and we can best describe it as a memory landscape. The second setting is a musical one: Eric Sleichim, the group’s figurehead, is composing a new work in which an anthology of musical steps taken in the past (works by Tenney, Reich, Cage, Bryars, Santiago, Wright, Crumb, Purcell, Frescobaldi, Ives, Riley, Lachenmann, Nas, Stravinsky, De Mey, Glass, Sleichim) will be given a place and be related to the present.

Over these twenty years, BL!NDMAN has developed not only musically and theatrically but also in terms of its personnel. Apart from the ‘mother quartet’, consisting of the saxophonists Eric Sleichim, Koen Maas, Piet Rebel and Raf Minten, four junior quartets (voice, drums, strings and sax) now operate under BL!NDMAN’s wing: for these twentieth anniversary festivities no less than twenty musicians will appear on stage.

concept, transcriptions & score Eric Sleichim
scenography Kris Verdonck and Anouk De Clercq
BL!NDMAN [SAXOFOONKWARTET] Koen Maas, Raf Minten, Piet Rebel, Roeland vanhoorne
BL!NDMAN [4×4]DRUMS Yves Goemaere, Hannes Nieuwlaet, Ward Deketelaere, Thomas Plessers
BL!NDMAN [4×4]SAX Bertel Schollaert, Maarten-Jan Huysmans, Eva Vermeiren, Thomas Van Gelder
BL!NDMAN [4×4]STRINGS Pieter Jansen, Liesbeth Baelus, Kris Hellemans, Romek Maniewski
BL!NDMAN [4×4]VOX Emilie De Voght, Gunther Vandeven, Dick Vandaele, Thomas Van Lede
research & dramaturgy Maarten Beirens
assistant director Veerle Vaes
light Luc Schaltin
sound Jo Thielemans
assistant technique Brecht Beuselinck
set production Erwin De Muer, Jonas Vansteenkiste (assistant)
production Ilse Thienpont
production BL!NDMAN
coproduction deSingel, Concertgebouw Brugge & Kaaitheater