Boris Charmatz / Musée de la danse & Emmanuelle Huynh [FR]

Étrangler le temps + boléro 2

Étrangler le temps + boléro 2
Étrangler le temps + boléro 2

10.02 – 11.02.2017

Fusion and division

In homage to the French choreographer Odile Duboc, Boris Charmatz and Emmanuelle Huynh present an evening in two parts. The first part, Étrangler le temps, is loosely based on her choreography boléro 2. Charmatz and Huynh have danced the original dozens of times as part of Duboc’s 1996 piece Trois Boléros. For this dramatically slowed-down version, they dig into their memories and start with an elongated version of Ravel’s composition.

In the second part, Charmatz and Huynh revive the original boléro 2. Duboc herself had the following to say about this: “In the second boléro, Charmatz and Huynh firmly resist the propelling power of the music. Fused together at a single point on the stage, the pair cloak themselves in the music without allowing themselves to be carried away by it. They slowly model a common substance, built up of devotion and tenderness, of attraction, longing, fusion and division.”

« Je voulais étrangler le temps. » Tatsumi Hijikata, La Danseuse malade

Étrangler le temps
loosely inspired by boléro 2 (excerpt of the show by Odile Duboc and Françoise Michel, 1996) | danced by Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh | set design and light Yves Godin | sound Olivier Renouf

boléro 2
excerpt from the three boléros by Odile Duboc, 1996 | concept Odile Duboc, Françoise Michel | choreography Odile Duboc | danced by Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh | music Boléro by Maurice Ravel (RAI Symphony Orchestra of Milan under the direction of Sergiu Celibidache) | co-production Contre Jour Centre chorégraphique national de Franche-Comté à Belfort, La Filature Scène nationale de Mulhouse, Théâtre de la Ville-Paris, Centre Jean-Renoir Scène nationale de Dieppe, La Coursive Scène nationale de La Rochelle

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme